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Charles Starr Wins Miss Congeniality Award

IRC CHAT ROOM–Simming celebrity & Internet personality Charles Starr was recently presented with the Miss Congeniality Award at the annual Who’s Who of Simming Banquet & Beauty Contest.  He received 100% of the vote from his peers.

Master of Ceremonies Chas Hammer presented Starr with the prize and said, “No one’s a nicer guy than Charles Starr.  Period.  Not only would he give you the shirt off his back, but he’d write your post for you too.  He’s a true class act in all respects.”

During his acceptance speech, Starr implored everyone to be more like him.  “Together, we can solve all the problems in the simming community,” he continued, “if you all would just do everything I say.”

“He wins this thing every year, and he totally deserves it,” commented one attendee during the third of eight standing ovations for Starr. “I wish I could be as humble as Charles Starr, but I know I’ll just never get there.”

Starr handed out free WWCSD bracelets to guests as they left the banquet.

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