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Sim Breaks All-Time Record for Most Posts in a Week

The USS Magnanimous broke the all-time play-by-post record for most posts in a week last week with 2,942 posts.  The highly prolific game officially recorded the now-record post at 11:59 pm last night after what had been a week chock-full of non-stop action.  No one is really sure what the previous record was.

“Yeah!  Two thousand nine hundred forty two, baby!  Yeah!” screamed USS Magnanimous host Captain Brian Bumsworth just after the the clock struck midnight this morning.  Bumsworth not only plays the Captain, but all of the other characters on the ship as well.

“At the Magnanimous, we’ve been planning this operation for a while,” said Bumsworth while downing a Red Bull.  “So basically, I realized that I could send one post every three minutes.  If I did that for 21 hours a day and got three hours of sleep every night, that would give me, I mean us, 3,000 posts for the week.”

When presented with the math, Bumsworth scratched his head.  “Oh, maybe that’s why we didn’t actually hit 3,000.  Whatever, it’s still a record, right?”

According to Bumsworth, his posts early in the week were all exactly one sentence in length.  By Wednesday, the average post length was down to 1.2 words.  And by Friday, 1.1 letters.

When asked what the USS Magnanimous’s record setting mission was about, Bumsworth couldn’t recall.  However, he did report that the game will attempt to break the 3,000 post barrier again in a few weeks.  Bumsworth also said that he has the math right this time.


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