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UCIP Changes Name to ICUP

I.C.U.P. HQ–The UCIP Command Council voted late yesterday to change its name to ICUP, effective immediately. Other new names considered, but ultimately rejected, included You Sip, iCUP, and I. Still C.U.P., among others. Originally founded in 1894, ICUP has changed its name 736 times over the course of its 124-year history.

No council member could say for certain what I.C.U.P. stands for. They also didn’t know what U.C.I.P. stood for either. Or what Y.O.U.C.A.N.T.B.E.S.E.R.I.O.U.S. means.

According to ICUP archives, a record 1,083 names were submitted for the Wednesday vote. The longest was Intergalacticgigancticglacial Commandmentstatements Unitedtogether Placetosim, while the shortest was a tie between I.P.P. and U.P.P.

ICUP President Charles Starr’s suggestion of Charles Starr Fleet was also among the names rejected by the council in favor of ICUP. “Yeah, I’m a little disappointed,” he continued, “but it has a nice ring to it, right? Maybe next time.”

Representatives from ICUP’s top sim and favorite child USS Vindicator threatened to remove their game from the club after their submission of Vindicate This! was turned down. “We had like a really cool logo with Worf on it and everything too,” said one anonymous Vindicator crew member.

As of this morning, President Starr, the Command Council, the USS Vindicator, and other ICUP games are continuing negotiations to keep the club intact in the fall-out following the vote. The next council meeting is schedule for Monday, which is expected to bring even more drama.

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