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Fleet Admiral Richard to Be Promoted to Ultimate Supreme Master Overlord Excellent Admiral General on Tuesday, Will Become Highest Ranking Role Player Ever

IMMACULATE FLEET-Fleet Admiral Richard is set to become the highest ranking simmer in online role play history, regardless of genre, when he is promoted to Ultimate Supreme Master Overlord Excellent Admiral General tomorrow.  Richard and Immaculate Fleet have invited the entire community to attend the ceremony, which will take place on their discord server.  Richard has been Immaculate Fleet’s Commander-in-Chief for six years.

Richard’s role playing began slowly.  After starting in 2003 and serving in about a dozen different fleets, he eventually reached the rank Lieutenant J.G. in 2011.  His career then really took off after he founded Immaculate Fleet near the end of 2012.  By early 2013, he was already a Fleet Admiral.

Kuro-RPG is reportedly struggling to create the insignia for the new rank due to the complexity and ever-changing requirements from Richard, who had originally requested that the rank insignia contain six stars to out pace the standard five-star Fleet Admiral.  However, after learning that some fleets already have six-star ranks and noticing that his new title had seven words, Richard upped it to seven stars.

Seven was quickly replaced with 16 to signify the number of years Richard has been simming, then with 19 for the current year, and finally with 22 to account for all of the Star Trek movies and television shows (he includes The Animated Series, The Orville, and Axanar in his total).

Longtime rival Cooper Driver criticized the upcoming promotion.  “Can’t anyone tell that he’s just promoting himself?” Driver asked before creating an exploratory committee to increase his own rank to a 23-star Fleet Admiral.

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