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Zachary O’Connell, Now Referring to Himself as Greenfelt, Discovered on Vulcan Attempting to Become the First Human to Achieve Kolinahr

VULCAN–After mysteriously disappearing in 2021, Zachary O’Connell has been found on Vulcan undergoing the Kolinahr ritual. Now calling himself “Greenfelt”, the former businessman asked for privacy as he attempts to purge all remaining emotion to achieve pure and total logic.

Reporter: Mr. Greenfelt, Mr. Greenfelt! You’re on the cusp of becoming the first ever human to complete Kolinahr, can you tell us what it feels like?

Greenfelt: It would be impossible to discuss the subject without a common frame of reference.

Reporter: You’re joking. You mean I have to undergo Kolinahr to discuss your insights on Kolinahr?

Greenfelt: Forgive me, but I have some emotion to purge.

Reporter: I don’t doubt it.

If successful, Greenfelt will likely be the first role player to ever display any sort of logic whatsoever. Not to be outdone, Cooper Driver and Richard have each chartered vessels to Vulcan to undergo Kolinahr themselves.

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