Mike K. Bremer: Hottest Avatar of 2018

SIMMINGLAND-Mike K. Bremer was the most popular Star Trek online role playing avatar in 2018, according to a report from Sci-Fi Avatars. A whopping 56% of new characters and 48% of characters who transitioned to a new image picked Bremer in 2018. Bremer bumped Donald Trump, the top choice from 2015 to 2017, to #2.

UCIP Changes Name to ICUP

I.C.U.P. HQ–The UCIP Command Council voted late yesterday to change its name to ICUP, effective immediately.  Other new names considered, but ultimately rejected, included You Sip, iCUP, and I. Still C.U.P., among others.  Originally founded in 1894, ICUP has changed its name 736 times over the course of its 124-year history.

Ongoing Worlds Game Survives to Its Second Month

THE INTERNET–For the first time in its eight-year history, Ongoing Worlds is hosting a role play game that continued into a second month of operation.  Game #4,692, also known as Fun, Fairies, and Fairy Dust, officially clocked in post #18 on August 1st, day 32 after the role play’s original posting.

Sim Breaks All-Time Record for Most Posts in a Week

The USS Magnanimous broke the all-time play-by-post record for most posts in a week last week with 2,942 posts.  The highly prolific game officially recorded the now-record post at 11:59 pm last night after what had been a week chock-full of non-stop action.  No one is really sure what the previous record was.