Host Bans All Political Views Except His Own

USS MAGNANIMOUS–Captain Brian Bumsworth yesterday indefinitely banned the expression of all opposing political views from his game, the USS Manganimous, effective immediately.  This comes after months of Bumsworth arguing with others about politics on the Magnanimous message board, his Facebook page, and at the local Star Trek fan club.

UCIP Changes Name to ICUP

I.C.U.P. HQ–The UCIP Command Council voted late yesterday to change its name to ICUP, effective immediately.  Other new names considered, but ultimately rejected, included You Sip, iCUP, and I. Still C.U.P., among others.  Originally founded in 1894, ICUP has changed its name 736 times over the course of its 124-year history.

Chas Hammer’s True Identity Revealed

After an exhaustive analysis of Chas Hammer’s many writings, including his books, articles, and decades of simming & online role playing, we can definitively name his real life identity.  More 300,000 documents were reviewed over a 12-year period in this deep & comprehensive study to conclusively put the mystery to rest.