Host Bans All Political Views Except His Own

USS MAGNANIMOUS–Captain Brian Bumsworth yesterday indefinitely banned the expression of all opposing political views from his game, the USS Manganimous, effective immediately.  This comes after months of Bumsworth arguing with others about politics on the Magnanimous message board, his Facebook page, and at the local Star Trek fan club.  Bumsworth posted the following announcement on the USS Magnanimous’s website last night at 11:34 pm.

IVE[sic] HAD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE POSTS AOBUT[sic] POLITISC[sic] WITHOUT MY PREMISSIONS[sic] FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE STUPOD[sic] [EDITED] GOT IT OKAY?????????????????

A few minutes later, he followed that up with this post:

ANYNOE[sic] THAT DISAGREES WIHT[sic] ME THEN YOUR[sic] WRONG!!!!!!!! UNLES[sic] YOU GOT SEOMHTING[sic] CONSTRICTIVE[sic] DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM[sic] DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [EDITED]!!!!

Bumsworth later explained to Outpost 42 News that political posts agreeing with his worldview will be permitted, but those disagreeing will be deleted.  He also indicated that the authors of disagreeable posts will be permanently banned from the Magnanimous.  “I’m tired of all the divisiveness in politics,” he said.

The USS Magnanimous recently added Ensign Erica Endeavors to its roster, the first character not played by Bumsworth in over three years.  She called the ban “the last straw” just minutes after Bumsworth’s announcement, and then promptly closed her account.  Endeavors was listed as the co-author of a single joint post with Bumsworth during her tenure.

“It’s no big deal, players come and go,” Bumsworth said of Endeavor’s departure.  “We were fine before she got here and we’ll be fine after she’s gone.  It’s not like she did anything anyway, right?”

As of publishing, Bumsworth, currently living in the United States, was unsure of his voter registration status for Tuesday’s upcoming national elections.

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