Theta Fleet Uses Tried and True Method to Rid Themselves of Tribble Overpopulation

THETA FLEET–Lieutenant Vetaath Zh’challiss, the Chief Engineer of the USS Valiant, last night remembered an effective method to combat a Tribble overpopulation.  Numerous role plays and administrative facilities at Theta Fleet had been overrun with the fast-breeding Tribbles since December, when Élan Val smuggled a single Tribble onboard the USS Hyperion because she thought it was cute.  Tribbles have previously been deemed an invasive species by the Federation, the the Klingon Empire, and the Department of Homeland Security.

“They, the Tribbles that is, spread like lightening from there,” continued Theta Fleet’s Commander-in-Chief, Admiral Kathryn Burke, “They’d appear in a post from one ship and then almost immediately would be taking over the story of another sim.  It was a nightmare.”

“They even found their way to the USS Tokyo while we were on a deep space mission,” said Toyko’s commander, Captain Taiga Aisaka.  When pressed, Aisaka admitted that she actually introduced the Tribbles into Tokyo’s storyline.  “What’s not to love about these fuzzy little guys?” she giggled.  After dominating the story through 46 subsequent posts, the Tribbles eventually disabled Tokyo by chewing through the ship’s operations and tactical wiring.

By late February, all of the ships in Theta Fleet were simming exclusively about Tribbles. “The situation got so extreme that we thought we might even have to close the fleet to stop the Tribbles from spreading further,” Burke admitted.

However, that wasn’t necessary due to Zh’challiss’s ingenuity.  “Where?!?” her Captain demanded after all the Tribbles suddenly disappeared.

“I gave them to Bravo Fleet!” Zh’challiss replied.

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