Admirals Zachary O’Connell & Michael Aravan Finally Split from Bravo Fleet and Accidentally Found 22nd Fleet Together; Anatole Lazarus Returns to Bravo Fleet

22ND FLEET–After infamously failing to split from Bravo Fleet in 2018, Admirals Zachary O’Connell & Michael Aravan finally left the group last month and inadvertently co-founded 22nd Fleet together.  While both had previously pledged to eventually part ways, the co-founding of the new fleet came as a surprise to many.

Outpost 42 News reviewed portions of two transcripts:

May 27, 2019:

Aravan: [EDITED]!

O’Connell: “Oh really, that’s what your[sic] going to do?”

Aravan: [EDITED]!

O’Connell: “Your[sic] really going to quit Bravo Fleet?”

Aravan: “[EDITED] you, [EDITED] Bravo Fleet… and [EDITED] Mike Bremer too!”

O’Connell: “You can’t quit because I quit first!  [EDITED]!”

May 28, 2019:

Aravan: “Wait, your[sic] founding 22nd Fleet?”

O’Connell: “Yeah, why?”

Aravan: “[EDITED]!  No way!  Me too!”

O’Connell: “That’s great! I can’t wait for us to work together again!”

Aravan: “[EDITED]!”

Reaction from the greater community has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We absolutely need more of this,” said Bravo Fleet co-founder and former Commanding Officer Mike K. Bremer of the split and founding.  “Heck, we could even use a little bit of it on Starbase 400,000!”

“I 100% agree with everything O’Connell and Aravan have done,” said Captain Piper Seren of the Horizon Colony.  “I hope other Admirals, Commanding Officers, and NPCs take note.  I know I have, and so have all of my characters.”

The fledgling 22nd Fleet is already making a name for itself through its innovation.  Instead of the traditional Academy, Aravan is leading a new Sesame Street Division to help new players hone the basics of simming.  O’Connell, known as an all-around nice guy, just launched the first-ever Mister Rogers sim.

Bravo Fleet has experienced no other splits, arguments, or use of profanity during 2019.


97-Year-Old Anatole Lazarus Returns to Bravo Fleet Command

oldman1BRAVO FLEET–Nonagenarian and former Bravo Fleet Executive Officer & Command Council member Admiral Anatole Lazarus left retirement and returned to Bravo Fleet Command yesterday to fill the void created by the departures of O’Connell & Aravan.

“I’ve got my hearing aid adjusted, my pacemaker calibrated, and I took my Metamucil this morning,” said Lazarus at his introductory press conference before handing out Werther’s Original caramel-flavored candy to the children present.

An open critic of social media, loud music, and anything developed after 1995, Lazarus vowed to return Bravo Fleet to its roots by reversing everything done over the last two decades.  He also reportedly told friends he plans to use his newfound paycheck to get rid of his reverse mortgage, pay his Colonial Penn life insurance premiums, and buy the VHS complete series box set of Murder, She Wrote.

Longtime Bravo Fleet ally RPG Writing released a statement saying that they will continue to partner with Bravo Fleet regardless of who is in charge.

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