September Round-Up: Charles Starr’s New Gig, Zachary O’Connell’s Latest Acquisition & Telos Raymar’s Big Edict

ONGOING WORLDS–Charles Starr resigned as pitchman of Capital Market Sim Partners, LLC’s patented fleet flipping program earlier this month, only to take a job as a late-night game show host on the Ongoing Worlds channel.  Starr famously claimed ICUP as a successful example of the fleet flopping program last year.

Charles Starr, 15-second TV spot, 2018:

Do you want to buy and sell fleets without using your own money?  Then get my simple 3-step program for $39.95 and learn how to flip fleets like the pros do!  It’s easy, anybody can do, and you use other people’s money!

“It’s bull[EDITED],” said long-time role player Brian Bumsworth of Starr’s $39.95 program.  “All I know is that I paid the money and it didn’t work.  Charles Starr is a scam!  And so is real estate!  And so is simming too!”

Charles Starr, yesterday:

Come on down!  You’re the next contestant on the Simming Adventure!

22ND FLEET–CEO Zachary O’Connell continued his aggressive acquisition campaign into September by purchasing the online simming rights for Inspector Gadget, DuckTales, and Baywatch.  This brings 22nd Fleet‘s role play portfolio up to 593 universes, more than the total of all other clubs combined (4).  O’Connell has made increasing 22nd Fleet’s genre footprint a priority since taking over in May.

Some have called O’Connell’s business practices “anti-competitive” and “predatory.”

“It’s a monopoly,” said Cooper Driver.  “They need to be broken up.”

O’Connell told reporters on Tuesday that the fleet “had a right to make a sim,” which caused further controversy.

richard_reymar_twitterbattle_skinnyBRAVO FLEET–Chairman & Premier Telos Raymar declared himself President for life on Monday in what was his 683rd edict issued since dismissing parliament and appointing himself to all three roles four months ago.  The edict also renamed Bravo Fleet The People’s Simming Republic of Bravo.

On Tuesday Bravo Fleet’s state-run news agency The People’s Federation Standard News Service reported that Chairman & Premier Raymar is already doing a better job than all past Presidents combined, although it is unclear if they were including Mike K. Bremer or not.

On Wednesday Chairman Raymar got into a Twitter feud with veteran simmer Richard over who is the highest ranking role player of all time.

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