Shattered Universe Opens Recruiting Station in Star Army Territory

STAR ARMY CITY–Shattered Universe held a grand opening yesterday for its new recruiting office on Star Army Boulevard, deep in the heart of Star Army country.  The two neighboring powers have endured a tense relationship for years as they’ve competed for role playing recruits for their military services.  However, this is the first time one has opened an official recruiting depot within the borders of the other.

“This is an insult to all Star Army citizens, our simming sovereignty, and our way of life,” said Star Army President Wesley Davis.

The Shattered Universe Ministry of Defence issued a response saying, “Shattered Universe has complied with all Star Army, international, and intergalactic law in regard to our new recruiting station.  If Star Army can’t up their game, that’s their problem.”

mapcountries_1After going through basic training with either Star Army or Shattered Universe, service members have been known to bounce between each country’s forces in response to increasing signing bonuses and benefits packages.  Some have even been reported to simultaneously serve in both, something President Davis has previously called a “grave security concern.”

President Davis is expected to meet with his counterpart, President Yoshi-tan, sometime next week on the matter.  Many analysts are hopeful these talks will ease tensions between the two rival nations.  Unfortunately, both have several other borders to worry about too.


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