Zachary O’Connell, Now Referring to Himself as Greenfelt, Discovered on Vulcan Attempting to Become the First Human to Achieve Kolinahr

VULCAN–After mysteriously disappearing in 2021, Zachary O’Connell has been found on Vulcan undergoing the Kolinahr ritual. Now calling himself “Greenfelt”, the former businessman asked for privacy as he attempts to purge all remaining emotion to achieve pure and total logic.

Cooper Driver and Richard Quit RPG Recruitment After They Discover Its Secret Purpose Is to Convert Role Players to Simmingtology

RPG RECRUITMENT CENTER–Agreeing with each other for the first time ever, rival role players Richard and Cooper Driver both quit RPG Recruitment yesterday after they discovered its actual mission is not to help them find new role play games, but to funnel members into the controversial Church of Simmingtology.