Zachary O’Connell, Now Referring to Himself as Greenfelt, Discovered on Vulcan Attempting to Become the First Human to Achieve Kolinahr

VULCAN–After mysteriously disappearing in 2021, Zachary O’Connell has been found on Vulcan undergoing the Kolinahr ritual. Now calling himself “Greenfelt”, the former businessman asked for privacy as he attempts to purge all remaining emotion to achieve pure and total logic.

Multiple Clubs Accused of Cultural Appropriation of Star Trek; Colonel Arzy Forced out at USF After Thanksgiving Day Reenactment

SAFE SPACE–Celebrity Attorney Michael Vendetta on Monday called for the immediate boycott of Borderlands, Zodiac Fleet, and the USS Legacy for their “insensitive use of Star Trek culture, in part but not exclusive to their proclivity to borrow stardates, transporters, and pointed ears in their stories.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s RPG Writing: The Musical Opens on Broadway to Mixed Reviews; Declared a Gun-Free Zone

NEW YORK–RPG Writing: The Musical, the latest play from famed composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, opened last Thursday on Broadway to mixed reviews from both audiences and critics.  It tells the tale of a group of fan fiction writers establishing new roots after being banished from their homeland.